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Up & Down and All Around
Up & Down & All Around
Join us in a Downers Grove area not-for-profits fund raiser on Sat. Feb 8th. Climb the stairs or walk the atrium in support of Campus Life!
Celebration Banquet - Stories
Their stories
Come and hear their stories at our annual celebration Banquet, Monday the 4th of November at the Abbington located at Rt 53 and Butterfield Rd. 6:30pm
CL Kick-off
Campus Life fall kick-off September 9th. Be there or be the ultimate four square loser!!
GroveFest Youth Stage
Look for Campus Life at the GroveFest Youth Stage June 20-23.

Latest Articles

2014-08-04 & 2014-08-11
These are two different weeks, but we played Disc Golf at O'Brien Park the first week and then had a cookout at Hummer Park the next week. It was fun to just get to hang out with each other without much structure. There are a lot of opportunities to get to talk to each other and get to know each other in situations like this.

This week was originally Leader's Around Town (teams of leaders located in different places with the intention of hanging out and having good conversations with small groups of students), but got changed to a dance party at the warehouse. Not everyone wanted to dance though, so a bunch of things were happening at once.

We had a 6 foot inflatable soccer ball and played a game of soccer consisting of around 20 people. It got intense really quick and a lot of people backed down because it was so easy to get knocked down! We only played one game using the giant soccer ball, and then a game of regular soccer started. We were at O'Brien Park, so everyone sort of scattered and did their own thing.


How many of you were afraid of going to high school? Not me, I couldn’t wait. You have to understand I was a super awkward junior high kid. I was a big time nerd. I spent a lot of time taking apart and repairing anything I could. I also had a hunger for adventure. I spent my summers building elaborate tree forts and exploring the suburban wilderness.

A broken family seems as abnormal as
a robin with no call.
It's a spicy jalapeño pepper
flavorless and dull.

A broken family is as undesired as
a newborn's heart suddenly stopping still.
Or like the sun never rising
over a Tennessee hill.

A broken family sounds as sad as
an owl in the moonlight
or the sharp winter snow in
the gutter, no longer blinding white.

I was in the city, heading to my train when I saw a man standing next to the street begging for money so he could find some place to stay. I stopped, pulled out my manna bag and said here ya go. He said "this is for me?" As I was waiting to cross the street I heard him say, " these are my favorite granola bars!"



STRIVE 2014 is coming. Get YOUR STRIVE on.